Definition of get together in English:

get together

phrasal verb

  • Gather or assemble socially or to cooperate.

    • ‘Members get together for social functions at the track each week or have watch parties when the race is out of town.’
    • ‘It was quite a mythical fusion of local bands and collectives getting together and being creative.’
    • ‘Every fortnight they get together to socialise and work on different projects.’
    • ‘The pupils got together and in the most unselfish way collected their pocket money to make a donation.’
    • ‘A big turnout of both adult and junior members got together for a night of tennis which was enjoyed by all.’
    • ‘The poor areas in any country or ethnic group traditionally use sport as a means of getting together and socialising.’
    • ‘We have all donated individually but collectively we want to get together and do something quite big.’
    • ‘When a community gets together with accountability and openness and works together, you can get a lot done.’
    • ‘This is very encouraging for the newly formed group which only got together just before the summer.’
    • ‘We will ask the group to get together and listen to the facts as we've assembled them.’
    collect, gather, assemble, bring together, call together, rally, muster, marshal, line up, congregate, convene, amass, scrape together
    meet, meet up, have a meeting, rendezvous, see each other, socialize
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