Definition of get the picture in English:

get the picture


  • Understand a situation.

    ‘any trouble your father might have we can hide—d'you get the picture?’
    • ‘Scott didn't seem to get the picture, his brain still working on understanding what Jesse had just told him.’
    • ‘This includes, buses, trains, lifts, public buildings, pubs, restaurants; I think you have probably got the picture.’
    • ‘How long do you think it will be before he gets the picture that I want him to go away!’
    • ‘To be honest, I believe it was more difficult to get the picture than to catch the carp.’
    • ‘I realize that sounds completely revolting, but I think you get the picture.’
    • ‘Think of the mob with flaming torches in the Frankenstein movie making their way up the mountain to the castle and you've got the picture.’
    • ‘And although the ads continue to be pervasive, she also said that some agencies are getting the picture.’
    • ‘We're undoubtedly not getting the picture as full as it should be.’
    • ‘I think you're probably getting the picture here.’
    • ‘If this description inspires thoughts of a huge moon and bright stars, or warm sunrays of yellow and orange, then you are getting the picture.’
    understand the situation, work out what's going on, see the light, see daylight, get the point
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