Definition of get the best of in English:

get the best of


  • Overcome (someone)

    ‘his drinking got the best of him and he was fired’
    • ‘At least it's warm in the rug, so I won't have to spend as much on my heating bill… My Finnish frugality always gets the best of me.’
    • ‘My head was light, I felt extremely weak and the joint pains got the best of me.’
    • ‘Bomber's great fault is his enthusiasm sometimes gets the best of him.’
    • ‘I honestly believe that the president got the best of him by simply doing the opposite of whatever he recommended.’
    • ‘When my mate, Annie, suggested that, instead of a Sunday walk on the beach, we go to this gym for a swim, my curiosity got the best of me.’
    • ‘If that sweet tooth is still getting the best of you, try sweet treats that contain low saturated fats and low-calorie sweeteners.’
    • ‘Anger and paranoia, no doubt vital fuels for his groundbreaking work, got the best of him in the end.’
    • ‘One can only hope that his ego gets the best of his common sense this off-season, compelling him to exercise his free agent rights and sign with another team.’
    • ‘Maybe it was my own hunger pangs getting the best of me.’
    • ‘Because of that you felt that you were part of a movement, your ego got the best of you.’
    • ‘In the earlier semi-final, Sheffield Steelers got the best of a scrappy game.’
    • ‘One year, a long time ago, when the consuming nature of the shopping beast was getting the best of me, I decided to switch sides and took a job as a holiday Santa Claus at a ghost mall on the south side of Milwaukee.’
    • ‘However, on the afternoon of their 10th anniversary, curiosity got the best of her and she lifted the lid and peeked inside.’
    • ‘However, we never really got the best of the old building.’
    • ‘Brown's selfishness eventually gets the best of him, and Greene closes the novel with a plot twist that introduces more questions than it answers.’
    • ‘Ted's bout with delusions is getting the best of him, I suppose.’
    • ‘My curiosity got the best of me and I inquired as to how she knew this, let alone even knew who I was looking at.’
    • ‘Your quest has continued so long that, unfortunately, you now run the risk of your impatience getting the best of you.’
    • ‘In the end, Gray's vanity gets the best of him in a most brutal manner - beauty, after all, can't last forever.’
    • ‘Were China's entrenched conservative interests getting the best of him?’