Definition of get somewhere in English:

get somewhere


  • Make progress; achieve success.

    • ‘And you thought we were getting somewhere, right?’
    • ‘We are surely getting somewhere, for that matter, if more than two thirds of us believe that Glasgow's biggest clubs have made far too little effort in dealing with bigotry.’
    • ‘It costs a lot to become a hairdresser and it can take quite a long time on low wages before you can feel you are getting somewhere.’
    • ‘Julie, I just thought that I was getting somewhere.’
    • ‘Still, I reckon the Third Way debate is getting somewhere.’
    • ‘If we couple that with the creationism move and actively work to dismantle public schools, we might just be getting somewhere.’
    • ‘Last Monday, we were getting somewhere with it.’
    • ‘I felt I was actually getting somewhere with it.’
    • ‘I've a bit of trepidation but I'm relieved we are finally getting somewhere.’
    • ‘I know I am getting somewhere because I am starting to get messages delivered second- and third-hand that I had better watch myself.’
    succeed, achieve success, be successful, be a success, do well, get ahead, reach the top, become famous, achieve recognition, distinguish oneself, set the world on fire
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