Definition of get something down in English:

get something down

phrasal verb

  • 1Write something down.

    • ‘We're not really writing songs but just getting ideas down as fast as we can before we forget them.’
    • ‘He continued to write but getting the words down on to the page became increasingly difficult.’
    • ‘We will help you get your ideas down onto paper with our powerful research function.’
    • ‘A / N: Well I just have this story bugging my mind so I have to get it down on ‘paper’ or into writing now before I forget my ideas.’
    • ‘It was the urgency of getting something down, I'm sure, that made him write these as prose.’
    • ‘I thought being a writer meant you had to sit down everyday and write, confront the blank page or screen and get something down.’
    • ‘When you write for an audience, you get your thoughts down on paper, seek feedback and revise extensively.’
    • ‘No, you don't have to recopy it or write slowly so that it's perfectly legible just get it down, okay?’
    • ‘I never know what to write and even if I can get something down, a few months down the line I look back and think why did I write that?’
    • ‘Oh, I wasn't writing anything special, just getting my thoughts down on paper…’
  • 2Swallow food or drink, especially with difficulty.

    • ‘I think he was trying to say no, but he couldn't talk because he was trying to get his food down.’
    • ‘Maybe on pure habit of swallowing, but he got the water down.’
    • ‘He was sick and the vet had recommended baby food to help him get some medicine down.’
    • ‘I have been trying to catch up on sleep and get some food down me and spend time with my mum.’
    • ‘It took me a little longer to get these drinks down, but I managed just fine.’
    • ‘But the children only ever want convenience food so they can get it down and get out to play as quickly as they can.’
    • ‘Finally getting the food down, I stared at Andy.’
    • ‘He made a coughing, sputtering sound and seemed to have had trouble swallowing, but got it down nonetheless.’
    • ‘I know if I eat more calories, I'll put on more mass, but I just can't seem to get the food down.’
    • ‘I was terrified but I didn't dare say I hadn't eaten them before and with some difficulty got them down.’
    drink, swallow, gulp, gulp down, guzzle, slurp, attack, down, drink down, drink up, force down, get down, finish off, polish off, drain, empty, imbibe, have, take, partake of, ingest, consume, sup, sip, lap
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