Definition of get something across in English:

get something across

phrasal verb

  • Manage to communicate an idea clearly.

    • ‘The whole idea of getting the message across through animals and relationships with people is full of subtlety.’
    • ‘We help people express things more clearly, get their ideas across while learning a bit more about the structure of the English language.’
    • ‘Have I managed to get it across how much I love this song?’
    • ‘It was a simple statement, but it got the point across quite clearly.’
    • ‘He clearly got the message across, because soon afterwards a listener, Adriana, rang the station to say he had won her vote.’
    • ‘While English may be his second language, he managed to get that point across loud and clear.’
    • ‘Last night he came across as hesitant and defensive, unable to get his points across clearly.’
    • ‘It's a good way to learn how to get your ideas across to someone who potentially doesn't know what you're talking about, and isn't interested anyway.’
    • ‘They must be able to communicate effectively in order to motivate others and get their ideas across.’
    • ‘Back on the streets, Chad encountered a few kids with skateboards and managed to get our intentions across to them.’
    communicate, get over, put over, impart, convey, transmit, make understood, make clear, express
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