Definition of get someone down in English:

get someone down

phrasal verb

  • Depress or demoralize someone.

    • ‘Is all of this spring's rainy, gloomy weather getting you down?’
    • ‘It got me down though I don't think I'm of a depressive disposition.’
    • ‘If working from nine to five is getting you down and you feel the need to inject a little excitement into your life, then this could be just the job for you.’
    • ‘He never lets anything get him down but this has really upset him.’
    • ‘If the stresses of running a family farm operation are getting you down, help is available.’
    • ‘When the world you're living in is getting you down, escape into another world with a good book.’
    • ‘Living in a loft is getting us down; we are both really depressed by it.’
    • ‘His wife later told police: ‘Things came one after another and it got him down.’’
    • ‘It was terribly lonely and it really got me down after a bit.’
    • ‘‘It's upsetting and it really gets me down,’ she said.’
    depress, make sad, sadden, make unhappy, cast down, make gloomy, make despondent, dispirit
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