Definition of get round to in English:

get round to

(North American get around to)

phrasal verb

  • Deal with (a task) in due course.

    ‘I might get round to organizing another trip in the spring’
    • ‘I check out courses, websites and somehow never get around to actually starting.’
    • ‘Louise had stored the mementos in a deep drawer, always planning to put them in albums and scrapbooks, and of course, never getting around to it.’
    • ‘What have you always wanted to do/visit in London but never got round to?’
    • ‘They said, provided you know your place, in due course we will get round to helping you.’
    • ‘It's just one of those things on the back burner that you get around to eventually.’
    • ‘This is a posting I have been meaning to write for about a year but never quite got round to.’
    • ‘How often do you set out to complete a task and never quite get round to it?’
    • ‘We're sure she's getting round to dealing with that, though.’
    • ‘The Reflections document never gets around to really denying this.’
    • ‘Stephen informs me that the award they won was for the 2001 edition and in due course we hope to get round to some quotes and list of titles.’