Definition of get physical in English:

get physical


  • 1informal Become aggressive or violent.

    ‘now the players are even getting physical with the refs’
    • ‘They even joked about what would happen if their competition got physical.’
    • ‘As good as their zone-blocking schemes and cutback style can be, when things get physical, they will usually lose.’
    • ‘They fought over the controller for a good 20 minutes until their mom's had to separate them because they were getting physical.’
    • ‘The newspaper followed up on the death of a black club patron who was suffocated by a white bouncer when a dispute over the club's dress code got physical.’
    • ‘Or maybe it was fortunate for Bryant that he's smart enough to let words fuel the fire and not get physical with Shaq.’
    • ‘Her father was getting physical, he ended up hitting Chris in the jaw with the back of his hand.’
    • ‘In the first practice of their off-week, the Lions ran a spirited one-on-one passing drill with the cornerbacks getting physical at the line.’
    • ‘It got physical soon enough and I watched him beat my mother ruthlessly.’
    • ‘It almost got physical between the two but old man Barnes was here and broke it up.’
    • ‘I am very lucky, because I am not the kind of person who gets physical.’
  • 2Become sexually intimate with someone.

    ‘I had a strong feeling that, by the end of the day, she and I would get physical’
    • ‘Will you be all right if she gets physical with someone else?’
    • ‘Was I just desperate to get physical with someone, it didn't matter who, because I hadn't in months?’
    • ‘For instance, Rhonda would say that even though she was getting physical with her trainer, their relationship was mainly about her need to lose pounds and inches off her figure.’
    • ‘You were getting physical with Sam and he took off.’
    • ‘I was in a long-distance relationship for two years, and one thing we noticed was the amount of time it takes to get physical again after a period apart.’
    • ‘We also got physical very much earlier in the relationship than I wanted to.’
    • ‘He met a girl and they got physical pretty quickly.’
    • ‘Women, on the other hand, live in a ‘emotion’ or ‘love’ house, whereas getting physical is a room they have to have a reason to get up, walk over to, and enter.’
    • ‘Though I'm not worried he'll get physical with her, I am uneasy.’
    • ‘I think that's good, because it's such an intense world that we're creating, so finding the right moment for people to get physical is going to take time.’