Definition of get over in English:

get over

phrasal verb

  • 1Recover from (an ailment or an upsetting or startling experience)

    ‘the trip will help him get over Sal's death’
    • ‘We just have to put it down to experience, get over it and get the necessary points required.’
    • ‘I went a few years ago and I haven't yet got over the experience.’
    • ‘The girl got over her shock and started laughing and other people joined in aware that she was unharmed.’
    • ‘I've gone through a very similar experience that I'm just getting over.’
    • ‘I know from personal experience that you never ever really get over this awful loss in your family.’
    • ‘For the children who survived the tsunami, painting what they saw and experienced is one way of getting over the trauma.’
    • ‘He wants to play more to help him get over the most painful loss that he had experienced.’
    • ‘He took to the rinks again in 2001 to help him get over the death of his wife and to aid his recovery from a heart attack.’
    • ‘People get over all sorts of disabilities and recover from all sorts of things.’
    • ‘It's horrible to have to get over a loss like the one you've experienced, but people do it all the time.’
    recover from, recuperate from, get better after, pull through, shrug off, survive, come round from
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  • 2Overcome (a difficulty).

    • ‘Jake hadn't been entirely pleased when Brian had been the one to help solve the case but he got over it.’
    • ‘The montage serves to show Josey's difficulty in getting over, or at least learning to live with, what happened earlier.’
    • ‘And I do think it's time I got over my obsessive need to pay on time, and in full.’
    • ‘We talk a lot about my difficulties with conversation and she suggests strategies for getting over them, some of which are more useful than others.’
    • ‘How you got over your troubles does not necessarily provide an insight into another's plight.’
    • ‘Luckily she didn't make them and they got over their fears.’
    • ‘Countries that experience this level of violence usually take decades to get over it.’
    • ‘After all, the country has still not quite got over the riots.’
    • ‘The Premier admitted that there were areas in their discussions where they had differences, but they got over it.’
    • ‘Joan got over this desperate drawback by slipping off to the library.’
    overcome, surmount, prevail over, triumph over, get the better of, master
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