Definition of get one's oats in English:

get one's oats


  • Have sexual intercourse.

    • ‘Oats are thought to promote fertility because of their combination of proteins, fats and vitamins so there may be some truth in the old expression ‘getting your oats’.’
    • ‘Did you get your oats last night?’
    • ‘Socially, they are a brilliant couple, and I'm sure they get plenty of oats!’
    • ‘As a friend of mine said, if you get your barley over there, you can get your oats over here!’
    • ‘It is kind as if you are saying, Hell I don't need to kiss properly now, I'm going to get my oats anyway.’
    • ‘He's getting his oats with a married woman, the superb Rachel Roberts, and exchanging badinage with Aunt Ada: the incomparable, but here very restrained Hylda Baker.’
    • ‘Adopt a guard dog (to deter burglars) and do keep getting your oats.’
    • ‘The poor teenagers think that this really happens, and feel inadequate that it doesn't happen to them, even though their mates claim they get their oats on a regular basis.’
    • ‘So Ken tries to have it both ways, getting his oats with Laura and his dinner with Hilary, which is what causes his ultimate downfall.’