Definition of get one's kit off in English:

get one's kit off


  • Take off all one's clothes.

    • ‘It's not as if I feel the contestants are being exploited: presumably they were longing to get their kit off in the Maldives in the pursuit of celebrity and a supposedly glamorous career.’
    • ‘It's not often you'll see a journalist getting their kit off to make a point.’
    • ‘Actually, she's got her kit off in most films she's done before.’
    • ‘In fact, almost all the cast - including Hoskins and the pop star Will Young in his first film role - get their kit off.’
    • ‘Of course, Elle, Kylie and Sarah do nothing to dispel the stereotype of Australia as a paradise where hot chicks constantly get their kit off.’
    • ‘We understand that Lara declined the offer to pose nude, but would consider getting her kit off on-screen ‘if the character and the plot justified it’.’
    • ‘I'll probably be watching Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 4 - hoping that Brigitte Nielsen DOESN'T get her kit off.’
    • ‘I suspected the girls didn't take kindly to being asked to get their kit off.’
    • ‘There was a room full of about 250 women watching seven men get their kit off.’
    • ‘So this weekend I decided it was officially hot enough to get my kit off.’