Definition of get one's jollies in English:

get one's jollies


  • Have fun or find pleasure.

    ‘she gets her jollies by making other people miserable’
    • ‘He only mentions that he gets his jollies to the sound of breaking glass.’
    • ‘I get my jollies out of creating and playing ‘military simulations’, be they they implemented on computer, on cardboard, or even the traditional toy soldiers.’
    • ‘So as a singer, I really, really, you know, got my jollies, so to speak, getting to sing these great songs.’
    • ‘They tape this stuff and watch it over and over to get their jollies.’
    • ‘To be honest, it is mainly because of the trolls who get their jollies by flaming other people's opinions.’
    • ‘I just can't stand the type of person who gets their jollies and feeling of personal power from pushing around others they consider to be inferior to them.’
    • ‘I'd never consider going to the Castro on Halloween or to that Burning Man thing in the desert, so I thought I could get my jollies with an eye full seeing this spectacle.’
    • ‘Again, what does it say about the human heart if you get your jollies, so to speak, by peering into somebody's interaction on a supposed desert island?’
    • ‘Pottinger was getting his jollies with the car in a special one day racing licence course where he was trying to gain endorsement to gain his Confederation of Australian Motor Sport licence.’
    • ‘Dein is not a masochist, public humiliation is not how he gets his jollies.’