Definition of get one's act together in English:

get one's act together


  • Galvanize oneself into organizing one's affairs effectively.

    • ‘After years of splitting the centre-left vote, thereby allowing the Conservatives to rule, progressives finally got their act together.’
    • ‘It's about time the authorities, who are supposed to dispose of this rubbish, got their act together.’
    • ‘After that, England got their act together, and going into today's game, England's overall record against Zimbabwe was 15 wins and 7 losses.’
    • ‘And indeed in the last ten minutes, Newry, in a better late than never style, finally got their act together up front.’
    • ‘They've got their act together again this year it looks like, after all their injuries last year.’
    • ‘Others likely to be affected will be the language press and it is time that they got their act together.’
    • ‘In the second half the winners got their act together and began to pass the ball well.’
    • ‘In the second half the home side got their act together and Tommy Bolger led the way when he scored in similar fashion to Lawlor, beating two defenders before slotting home in the 65th minute.’
    • ‘Farming organisations across Europe must get their act together to demand fairer prices from supermarkets for their members.’
    • ‘‘All we are doing is building on the experience of those parts of the country where local authorities and the NHS have got their act together,’ he said.’
    • ‘You need to get a grasp of the evidence, and in effect, get your act together.’
    • ‘That is why we need to get our act together in terms of organisation and resources so people get the best possible treatment.’
    • ‘The main reason is that women have got their act together more than men when it comes to looking after themselves.’
    • ‘But the team got their act together in the second half and the comeback began.’
    • ‘IT is about time York council and the race committee got their act together.’
    • ‘St George's is still a two-star hospital which shows they haven't got their act together.’
    • ‘The majority of places will have got their act together by now, but if they do miss the deadline they will still have time to apply for a new licence by November.’
    • ‘The reality is that schools and local education authorities quickly got their act together and employed every conceivable strategy to avoid the ultimate, untenable situation, of turning pupils away.’
    • ‘Other counties seem to have got their act together and provide each household with plastic crates.’
    • ‘We showed a lot more commitment and one or two of the lads really got their act together and played with a good deal more passion.’
    recover, recover control of oneself, regain control of oneself, recover control of one's emotions, regain control of one's emotions, recover one's composure, regain one's composure, recover one's calm, regain one's calm, recover one's self-control, regain one's self-control, get a grip on oneself, get a hold on oneself, take a grip on oneself, take a hold on oneself, pull oneself together, get over it, become one's old self, get better, cheer up, become cheerful, perk up
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