Definition of get on top of in English:

get on top of


  • Be too much for (someone) to bear or cope with.

    ‘things had got on top of me’
    • ‘Things have been getting on top of me and I just needed some time away from the blog to sort my head out a little.’
    • ‘Running your own business is hard and sometimes it all gets on top of you.’
    • ‘She said she thought what had happened was getting on top of her sister and she was not talking about it.’
    • ‘She got over it but during the last three years since then she had other physical illnesses and that seems to have got on top of her and affected her mentally.’
    • ‘There is so much coursework; it really gets on top of you.’
    • ‘When life gets on top of you, there is always someone, somewhere, worse off than you.’
    • ‘At the end, frustration with my game was getting on top of me.’
    • ‘It said that life was getting on top of him and he could not take it any more.’
    • ‘It would be surprising if any young mother had not felt ‘sad or miserable’ in the previous week, or worried that things were getting on top of her.’
    • ‘For almost nine years Jim lashed out at his wife, Sally, whenever things got on top of him.’