Definition of get on to in English:

get on to

phrasal verb

  • Make contact with (someone) about a particular topic.

    • ‘I got in contact with Guinness in Dublin and they got on to their reps in California and the tap was installed.’
    • ‘The company got on to Airtours in Manchester and explained the problem.’
    • ‘So, I got on to a local man, pleaded with him to make a site visit as soon as he could, do the necessary calculations and give us a way forward.’
    • ‘He said any victim who wanted to seek advice could contact him in Wexford or get on to any other Right of Place branch.’
    • ‘In this way I got on to various people who he hadn't had any time for but I quite liked.’
    contact, get in touch with, communicate with, make contact with, reach, be in communication with
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