Definition of get off on in English:

get off on

phrasal verb

  • Be excited or aroused by (something)

    ‘he was obviously getting off on the adrenaline of performing before the crowd’
    • ‘He was really getting off on that, but that wasn't the main event.’
    • ‘Most of what I get off on when watching a band is their interactions.’
    • ‘If you ask me, I think he kind of gets off on all the stories I tell him.’
    • ‘It's a bit different, but it has lots of nerdy functions that we're getting off on.’
    • ‘I think they kind of got off on being bossed around.’
    • ‘In fact, I love it when my partner gets off on what I wear: it turns me on to know that I am turning him on.’
    • ‘It's a play about actors, and I think our own actors get off on that because it's not often you get a chance to explore it in that way.’
    • ‘From here on in, the band clearly get off on the audience's excitement, and it's a proper gig.’
    • ‘Does your opinionated columnist get off on that?’
    • ‘What I get off on though is people's reaction to the film.’
    enjoy, have a taste for, have a preference for, have a liking for, have a weakness for, be partial to, delight in, find pleasure in, take pleasure in, be keen on, find agreeable, derive pleasure from, be pleased by, have a penchant for, have a passion for, derive satisfaction from, find enjoyable, take to, appreciate
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