Definition of get moving in English:

get moving


  • often in imperative Make a prompt start on a journey or task.

    ‘you're here to work, so get moving’
    • ‘Let's get moving on the real issues we have to deal with.’
    • ‘‘I'm looking forward to getting moving on this,’ Ford told the Sunday Herald last night.’
    • ‘Hopefully, if everybody gets moving, maybe by September there'll be some improvement.’
    • ‘Tickets are still available for that last week, but likely won't be for long, so get moving if you want to see the musical.’
    • ‘Anyhow, time for me to check on the cats and get moving.’
    • ‘They offered me a free drink but as I explained I was now in a hurry and needed to get moving.’
    • ‘We need to get moving on this since logistics are a bit complex.’
    • ‘I woke up around 8 Friday morning and decided to get up and get moving.’
    • ‘Environmental industries are worth $1 trillion worldwide and unless Australia gets moving we'll miss the boom.’
    • ‘I better get moving before I decide it's too comfy and warm on this couch.’
    do something, take action, act, take measures, take the initiative
    take action, act, take steps, make a move, do something, take measures, take the initiative
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