Definition of get lost in English:

get lost


  • [often in imperative] Go away (used as an expression of anger or impatience):

    ‘Why don't you leave me alone? Go on, get lost!’
    • ‘Then another guy began trying to arrange a date with me, and I told him to get lost.’
    • ‘Each time I met this shameless fellow, my first instinct was to slap him and tell him to get lost.’
    • ‘They basically told him to get lost as they supposedly had more important stuff to do.’
    • ‘The man must have told him to get lost because the drunk was waving his arms about and shouting obscenities.’
    • ‘I motioned the driver to get lost and move on, but he didn't get the picture.’
    • ‘Colin used to be scared at first, but now he just tells Justin to get lost.’
    go away, go, leave, depart, get going, get out, be off with you, shoo
    scram, be on your way, run along, beat it, skedaddle, split, vamoose, scat, push off, buzz off, shove off, clear off, go jump in the lake, go and jump in the lake
    hop it, bog off, naff off, on your bike, get along, sling your hook
    bug off, light out, haul off, haul ass, take a powder, hit the trail, take a hike
    nick off
    rack off
    voetsak, hamba
    bugger off, piss off, fuck off
    sod off
    begone, avaunt
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