Definition of get in there in English:

get in there


  • Take positive action to achieve one's aim (often said as an exhortation)

    ‘you get in there son, and you work’
    • ‘I'm green with envy that Truss actually got in there and wrote a book about it.’
    • ‘I'm talking about people with manipulative skills, person skills, and a conscience getting in there and pressing the flesh.’
    • ‘We got in there with a pen and a pad and started at ground zero.’
    • ‘We got in there and once again hit the ground running.’
    • ‘That's a skill, doing exams, getting in there and reading a question paper and just going for it.’
    • ‘Defending Press Freedom meant backing up to the best of my lawful ability a journalist who had got in there and done their job on our behalf.’
    • ‘I got in there and didn't allow myself to hold back anything.’
    • ‘Interestingly, I've always started a new career choice by actually getting in there and just doing it, always for free, volunteering, building my skills and experience.’
    • ‘I had people behind me telling I could do it and supporting me, and so I just got in there and worked and I'm thankful for it.’
    • ‘Once you educate the people, this will be looked at a lot more as a sport than just getting in there and fighting.’