Definition of get in on in English:

get in on

phrasal verb

  • Become involved in (a profitable or exciting activity).

    • ‘Several local firms also got in on the act, by donating prizes.’
    • ‘One of the ways framers can get in on the profits is to set up a festive frame shop.’
    • ‘Women got in on the act as well, becoming standard bearers for their gender and icons to a generation.’
    • ‘Now, you may be thinking, this sounds like the sort of project he would get in on.’
    • ‘The competition was not all for students - teachers also got in on the act when they competed in a 100-meter dash.’
    • ‘I want to get in on that now before they bid up the price of the income stocks to levels that won't yield as much income.’
    • ‘Libraries have also been getting in on the act with book quizzes and other activities to help youngsters experience the magic of reading.’
    • ‘Now large insurers have begun getting in on what many consider to be the future of health insurance.’
    • ‘Remember when you were just around the corner from realising love was a game you wanted to get in on?’
    • ‘I'll be ringing them first thing tomorrow to get in on all that sweet interviewing action.’