Definition of get hold of in English:

get hold of


  • 1Grasp physically.

    • ‘I couldn't see so all I did was grab thin air until I got hold of them and got them out together.’
    • ‘When I pick him up, he clutches whatever he can get hold of.’
    • ‘Brave Jack managed to get hold of her arms and, in spite of once losing his grip, pull her to safety.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Stephanie's hand slipped inside his hand, which had loosened its grip a bit, and got hold of the piece of paper.’
    • ‘Phil managed to get hold of it with both hands and pick it up.’
    • ‘The surfer even managed to get hold of Aimee at one point but he lost grip of her when another giant wave hit.’
    • ‘One fireman seemed to get hold of him then he seemed to slip from his grasp.’
    • ‘I grabbed my camera, missed, and got hold of Graham's camera instead.’
    • ‘She snatched up the nearest thing that her hand could get hold of.’
    • ‘Quickly, she grabbed one of his arms while Cyrus got hold of the other.’
    1. 1.1 Grasp (something) intellectually; understand.
      • ‘If this doesn't make sense to you (it took me a while to get hold of the idea) don't worry.’
      • ‘Once you get hold of the concept, you just need to use a bit of common sense to tackle tricky questions.’
    2. 1.2informal Obtain.
      ‘if you can't get hold of ripe tomatoes, add some tomato puree’
      • ‘We are very concerned that someone is attempting to get hold of original certificates, which could then be used to obtain false documentation such as passports or for other fraudulent purposes.’
      • ‘Robert had a gift for acquiring guarded information that no one else could get hold of.’
      • ‘In a scene repeated in shops all over Hampshire youngsters who had managed to get hold of the book were desperate to start reading it as soon as it was in their hands.’
      • ‘Don's unique selling proposition was that he managed to get hold of the question papers well before the exams were held.’
      • ‘A thief managed to get hold of their private PIN number to raid their account.’
      • ‘It is a mystery how the fraudsters managed to get hold of the couple's address in Britain.’
      • ‘We managed to get hold of two bottles of whiskey for 30 dollars.’
      • ‘It is very easy for young people to get hold of their parents' credit cards or to acquire credit cards by other means.’
      • ‘Our neighbour managed to get hold of some more tools and after a bit of mucking about, we managed to gain entry without causing too much damage.’
      • ‘The difficulties lie less in getting hold of information, but in being able to understand it and assess its relevance.’
      obtain, acquire, get, find, come by, pick up, procure, get possession of
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    3. 1.3informal Find or manage to contact (someone)
      ‘I'll try and get hold of Mark’
      • ‘We managed to get hold of someone at the company in order to explain to us how this concept works.’
      • ‘All he was able to say when his wife in London managed to get hold of him was simply to repeat, ‘Everything's gone.’’
      • ‘We got the story back to Scotland in time for the first editions, and Patricia Ferguson managed to get hold of Jack McConnell in China.’
      • ‘Your Aunt Lillian managed to get hold of him and it seems there's little chance of my son escaping her clutches until the Season ends.’
      • ‘Eventually, she managed to get hold of neighbours who rushed her to hospital.’
      • ‘She got my cell phone number from my mother, who warned her I was impossible to get hold of because I never pick up the phone, but Debbie got me on the first try.’
      • ‘So I'm going to have to get hold of the Embassies here in Australia and physically go through and check out the correct pronunciations of every player and every official in their teams, to make sure.’
      contact, get in touch with, communicate with, make contact with, approach, reach, notify, be in communication with
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