Definition of get down to in English:

get down to

phrasal verb

  • Begin to do or give serious attention to.

    ‘let's get down to business’
    • ‘Hadn't we known all about these rate rise fears long before we got down to the serious business of the millennium festivities?’
    • ‘As the sun came out everyone got down to some serious fishing.’
    • ‘Once the food had been ordered and pleasantries were out of the way, we got down to business.’
    • ‘Amy blasted the music and we sang for a bit, but then got down to some serious talking.’
    • ‘Then we got down to some serious discussions on the one that was missed.’
    • ‘With the first competitive match of the season out of the way, both sides got down to business immediately in this clash.’
    • ‘He and I shared a few chef stories before we got down to the business of barbecuing.’
    • ‘When Wednesday's meeting finally got down to business, the format of a grand prix weekend was a cause for concern.’
    • ‘Astor got down to more serious business the following afternoon.’
    • ‘Thankfully, once we got down to business it was all fairly cursory.’
    begin, start, make a start on, go about, set about, set to, get to work on, get going on, embark on, tackle, attack, address oneself to, buckle down to, undertake
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