Definition of get busy in English:

get busy


  • 1Begin work or tasks that need to be done.

    ‘this meeting is dismissed—let's get busy, people’
    • ‘Now with your second chance, you can get busy.’
    • ‘He needs to get busy and recruit some talent. "’
    • ‘Unions leaders need to get busy getting their act together, too.’
    • ‘I've got to get busy living.’
    • ‘To the accompaniment of flute music, I got busy with tonics and sumac.’
    • ‘This sprouting activity is also a sign for gardeners to start getting busy.’
    • ‘You're right, I need to get busy or I'll get nothing done.’
    • ‘Pick up a leaflet in the Library and get busy, filling your shoebox!’
    • ‘Some people dream of being successful, some of us wake up and get busy!’
    • ‘All we need now is a few more customers, so let's get busy!’
  • 2informal Have sexual intercourse.

    • ‘The film opens with a handful of high school kids, getting busy in the back seats of their cars.’
    • ‘John and I got busy just that afternoon when everyone was out.’
    • ‘I've never met a girl who could resist being alone with him and they didn't get busy.’