Definition of get away with (blue) murder in English:

get away with (blue) murder


  • Succeed in doing whatever one chooses without being punished or suffering any disadvantage.

    ‘some local authorities are letting estate agents get away with murder’
    • ‘Like many other people, I believe the banks got away with murder in the past and abused the power they had over the day-today lives of ordinary, decent and hardworking people.’
    • ‘People got away with murder in this country, 2000 murders to be exact.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Mobile phone operators are getting away with murder because the planning legislation simply is not strict enough.’’
    • ‘He said the council are getting away with murder when it comes to the roads in the area.’
    • ‘A lot of fear is being generated and, at the same time, the banks are getting away with murder.’
    • ‘He is going after the people who will never drive on fly-overs and never harm anybody while the joyriders are getting away with blue murder.’
    • ‘How can any ordinary citizens respect it if the mafia literally gets away with murder, violence, theft and extortion time and time again?’
    • ‘Developers up to now got away with murder and only provided the minimum facilities when they were developing new housing estates.’
    • ‘Since the business started, record companies have been getting away with murder.’
    • ‘The question I want to put to local people is do you want these individuals walking the streets where you and your family live, do you want them to think they can get away with murder?’