Definition of get a move on in English:

get a move on


  • often in imperative Hurry up.

    ‘get a move on or you'll be late’
    • ‘‘Hurry and eat quickly so we can get a move on,’ she said.’
    • ‘Rumour says he stood on the castle walls and yelled at the workmen to get a move on, but he still died before they finished.’
    • ‘Luckily my Dad laughed the matter off and told me to get a move on as Mum would be burning the breakfast bacon while waiting for us.’
    • ‘Sometimes he doesn't even call; he simply shows up at my house and in his booming voice yells for me to get a move on.’
    • ‘You better get a move on if you want to be ready for your date.’
    • ‘I haven't had time to book a hotel yet but I need to get a move on.’
    • ‘If necessary, this form can be submitted with your tax payment, but in any event, you need to get a move on.’
    • ‘Some people will miss out on tens of thousands of pounds if they don't get a move on.’
    • ‘‘Lets get a move on,’ I interrupted, ‘and whatever happens, stick together.’’
    • ‘Come on, let's get a move on before this storm gets really bad.’
    hurry up, speed up, move faster
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