Definition of get a fix on in English:

get a fix on


  • 1Determine the position of (something) by visual or radio bearings or astronomical observation.

    • ‘You may end up having to tell a human operator where you are if the system cannot get a fix on your phone.’
    • ‘It doesn't stop after a minute or two, so I go outside, get a fix on the position, and call 911.’
    • ‘Satellites get a fix on the signal location and forward it to emergency response agencies on land.’
    • ‘Once again, I stood there trying to get a fix on his whereabouts.’
    • ‘A colleague rushed to locate him with the standard bit of kit, but couldn't get a fix on the man, even though he was just 50 meters away.’
    • ‘Having set up the software and hardware, I waited a few short moments for the system to get a fix on the GPS satellites.’
    • ‘Thus, you get a fix on it, and then it disappears, only to resurface much later and a considerable distance away.’
    • ‘‘Helm get a fix on our location’ the captain ordered the lieutenant at the navigational station.’
    • ‘The saucer bobs up and down, trying to get a fix on me, then flies away.’
    • ‘They were equipped with technical facilities to get a fix on a target.’
    1. 1.1informal Assess or determine the nature or facts of.
      ‘it is hard to get a fix on their ages’
      • ‘I really feel as though I've got a fix on what it all means from this half of one book.’
      • ‘Scientists involved in modelling climate change are trying to get a fix on how much the ice sheet has melted throughout history.’
      • ‘So they do research, and interview people, in order to get a fix on just what the story might be.’
      • ‘The figures I've just shown you don't have anything to do with white collar crime quite obviously, and there are real problems getting a fix on whether white collar crime has grown.’
      • ‘They also agreed that it's easier to talk about God's love for us and our love for self and neighbor than it is to get a fix on our love for God.’
      • ‘‘The market is a bit dead at the moment, so it's hard to get a fix on the value of the property,’ says Kevin.’
      • ‘What is fascinating is the difficulty in getting a fix on community values.’
      • ‘Naturally, you are trying to get a fix on this startling turn of fortune.’
      • ‘Something as basic as a graphic showing how growth is going, whether at national or European level, is an instant, relatively easy way to get a fix on how the economy is moving.’
      • ‘These maps are the easiest way to get a fix on what's in the night sky: Simply take a star map, orient the map and yourself to the north, and look up.’
      understand, comprehend, work out, fathom out, make sense of, grasp, catch, follow, perceive, make out, penetrate, divine, search out, ferret out, puzzle out, take in, assimilate, absorb, get to the bottom of
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