Definition of get (or lay)one's hands on in English:

get (or lay)one's hands on


  • Find or get something.

    ‘I haven't got my hands on a copy yet’
    • ‘I already have two and I want as many as I can get my hands on.’
    • ‘So I got my hands on some almost front row tickets.’
    • ‘Like most children I read every Roald Dahl book I could get my hands on.’
    • ‘Today it is expensive and little used, forcing the artist to recycle whatever stocks he can get his hands on.’
    • ‘The dorm room was smaller, yes, but I couldn't afford to let my father get his hands on my possessions.’
    • ‘Like tickets for a 1970's concert for The Who, investors practically stampeded to get their hands on the paper.’
    • ‘Headteacher Lee Chandler said: "It was a lovely surprise for the boys to get their hands on this new football kit."’
    • ‘Each player is focusing on the task ahead, anxiously waiting to get his hands on the red ball.’
    • ‘Bookshops across the city were expecting today to be their busiest day of the year, with people clamouring to get their hands on copies of the book.’
    • ‘It's terrible what developers can do to our natural surroundings when they get their hands on a bit of land.’
    obtain, acquire, come by, secure, procure, come into possession of, pick up, be given
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