Definition of get (or keep) one's hand in in English:

get (or keep) one's hand in


  • Become (or remain) practised in something.

    ‘I like to keep my hand in by catering for private functions’
    • ‘So in order to keep his hand in at the game, he is hoping to practice at Kilkenny.’
    • ‘He also kept his hand in on the recording front with an album which included performances by Brian May, Rory Gallagher, Sir Elton John and Ron Wood.’
    • ‘If I fail, well, I've kept my hand in with the day job and it'll be back to selling whisky down at Leith.’
    • ‘I will always have a love for cheering, and this is a way to keep my hand in.’
    • ‘At least if you're fit - and you're not playing - you can always train and keep your hand in.’
    • ‘At 10 am I spend a few hours in meditation, occasionally indulging in a bit of remote viewing to keep my hand in.’
    • ‘To keep his hand in, Larry produced an interactive multimedia training package on producing multimedia training packages.’
    • ‘Melanie had kept her hand in doing a bit of outside catering and decided to drop in on a few people with some sandwich samples.’
    • ‘Donaldson's new role means that he will not be able to coach specific crews but he hopes to keep his hand in by occasionally taking out the megaphone at training camps.’
    • ‘Being constantly involved in the process of making art keeps your hand in.’
    train, rehearse, prepare, exercise, drill, work out, warm up, go through one's paces, keep one's hand in, get into shape, do exercises, study
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