Definition of get (or have) one's (own) way in English:

get (or have) one's (own) way


  • Get or do what one wants in spite of opposition.

    ‘she got her way about going to art school’
    • ‘And it would seem the editors and producers are either too ignorant or too lily-livered not to let them have their way.’
    • ‘If the two tennis enthusiasts have their way, every youngster in St Lucia will benefit from free lessons in a sport still considered strictly for the well-to-do.’
    • ‘If she's volatile, puts you down or insists on having her way, she's not a good candidate for best friend material.’
    • ‘If the TV executives in this Los Angeles office have their way, America will soon get the chance to watch imported African TV shows 24 hours a day.’
    • ‘As it turns out, Adams did get his way in the end.’
    • ‘Well, if they have their way, it is likely to change a lot.’
    • ‘Powerful people in powerful places may prefer that some questions go unanswered, and some opinions remain unheard - but that doesn't mean they'll have their way.’
    • ‘This is a man so obsessed with having his own way that he does not see party unity as being of any great importance; a truly dangerous position to take.’
    • ‘Over the past 6 years, he got used to having his way in the party - whether by sulking at the mildest of criticism, or by cracking the whip on apparatchiks.’
    • ‘He is a sweet 4-year-old, who is quite cute but also quite determined and used to having his own way.’
    • ‘But she has a reputation for getting her own way and that, coupled to her closeness to the First Minister, could be good news - if her way is the right way.’
    • ‘He said: ‘If developers have their way there will be a conurbation stretching from Oxenhope to Keighley.’’