Definition of get (or go) back to nature in English:

get (or go) back to nature


  • Return to the type of life (regarded as being in tune with nature) that existed before the development of industrial societies.

    ‘we must get back to nature and question the use of anything which threatens the environment’
    • ‘The family on the farm had no idea the hen had gone back to nature and had been laying her eggs in a disused trough in the loft.’
    • ‘The integration of the building process with the natural environment allows residents to go back to nature through gardens, pools, and fountains.’
    • ‘I'm going back to nature, I need to find out more about myself.’
    • ‘If you enjoy getting back to nature you have come to the right place; much of Iceland's interior is totally uninhabited.’
    • ‘But getting back to nature and roughing it a little reminds you what it means to be human.’
    • ‘Ballymaloe House is on a working farm with superb gardens - a wonderful place to get back to nature and sample the best the country has to offer.’
    • ‘It really allows you to get back to nature, focus on what's important - it's like taking a vacation without actually going anywhere.’
    • ‘Creation Theatre Company, is building a brand new openair theatre in Headington Hill Park, where you can languish in the leafy lushness and get back to nature.’
    • ‘Pulling a trout out of a mountain stream is a time-honored way to get back to nature.’
    • ‘But if the commercialism gets too much to cope with, get back to nature on an airboat ride through alligator-infested marshland.’
    • ‘A former gravel pit near Ripon has become a haven for thousands of birds since it went back to nature.’
    • ‘Rural Cyprus is the perfect setting in which to enjoy the soothing pace of village life and get back to nature through traditional agriculture.’
    • ‘Either head to the sunny beach resort, get back to nature in the forest camping grounds, or head to the wintry wonderland of the snow-filled mountains.’
    • ‘To get back to nature was great, it was a great opportunity to clear our heads.’
    • ‘I felt like I needed to get back to nature, so I started planning a camping trip.’
    • ‘You could hardly choose a more dramatic place in which to get back to nature.’
    • ‘There they discover what getting back to nature is really all about.’
    • ‘Anyone who suggests we would do better to go back to nature for our water supply is frankly nuts.’