Definition of get-well card in English:

get-well card

(also get-well-soon card)


  • A card given or sent to someone to express the hope that they soon recover from an illness or injury.

    ‘Sophie was surrounded by flowers and get-well cards’
    • ‘Donations for Stubbs and get-well cards and letters also have poured in.’
    • ‘His story has generated global interest and prompted dozens of strangers to send him get-well-soon cards.’
    • ‘On the bedside table next to me was a teddy bear, balloons, and at least two dozen get-well cards.’
    • ‘I never received a get-well card, or a call, or anything.’
    • ‘But it was nice to come home to a little get-well card from Chris and Yelena.’
    • ‘They have asked me how I am and given me get-well cards and sweets.’
    • ‘Phil signed a get-well card for Brian, an avid United fan who has recently had surgery followed by radiotherapy treatment.’
    • ‘Thanks to everyone who sent me get-well cards.’
    • ‘She was a regular sender of thank-you notes and get-well cards.’
    • ‘As he had not been well recently, he thanked all for their good wishes, get-well cards and prayers.’
    • ‘Well-wishers had adorned the hospital's perimeter wall with get-well-soon cards, bouquets of flowers, balloons, sculptures, and flags.’
    • ‘If someone you know gets sick, help organize prayer vigils or rally your friends to make get-well cards.’