Definition of gestalt psychology in English:

gestalt psychology


mass noun
  • A movement in psychology founded in Germany in 1912, seeking to explain perceptions in terms of gestalts rather than by analysing their constituents.

    • ‘He was an outsider in the 30s and 40s because of his concern with gestalt psychology, and his critique of an absurd and repressive educational system and society.’
    • ‘This is the first transegoic stage and its unfolding is associated with gestalt psychology, yoga and tai ji, to name a few.’
    • ‘A comprehensive discussion of gestalt psychology is offered by the author.’
    • ‘Gestalt is the German word for ‘form,’ and as it applied in gestalt psychology it means ‘unified whole’ or ‘configuration.’’
    • ‘Usually applied to visual perception, gestalt psychology studies how we perceive a given scene and apprehend a whole that is always greater than the parts.’