Definition of Gerson therapy in English:

Gerson therapy


mass noun
  • (in complementary medicine) a detoxifying and nutritional programme designed to stimulate the immune system.

    • ‘The angry response of doctors to the Prince's support for the Gerson therapy for cancer is understandable.’
    • ‘The Gerson therapy uses minerals, enzymes and hormones to detoxify and cleanse your body.’
    • ‘The Gerson therapy is unproved in that it has not been subjected to systematic study.’
    • ‘The actress/dancer from South Africa reminded me of a local TV newswoman who chose Gerson therapy over chemotherapy for breast cancer.’
    • ‘In the best-known and most controversial approach, Gerson therapy, coffee is the very thing that is believed to work.’


Named after Max Gerson, the German physician who developed the therapy in the 1920s.


Gerson therapy