Definition of Germanize in English:


(British Germanise)


[with object]
  • Make German; cause to adopt German language and customs.

    ‘the Poles had Germanized their family names’
    • ‘The program, which after some political wrangling allowed the newly Germanized Chrysler to participate, set an aggressive timetable.’
    • ‘The second item that we discussed is the specific reference to this company as the firm to Germanize the documents for the project.’
    • ‘The northern part of present-day Belgium became an overwhelmingly Germanized and Germanic-Frankish-speaking area, whereas in the southern part people continued to be Roman and spoke derivatives of Latin.’
    • ‘The historical territory of the Bohemian state did not become more Germanized over the centuries because of the anti-German feelings of the Czechs.’
    • ‘His paper uses excellent data to show the futility of a concerted effort to Germanize Polish regions of West Prussia and Poznania.’
    • ‘England will become Germanized or Americanized by this process alone, and the English gentleman will become as extinct as the British yeoman.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most prominent example in Silesia was George von Kopp, the prince-bishop of Breslau dedicated to actively Germanizing his Polish parishioners.’
    • ‘Janacek's defiant nationalism was integral to his music and personality: he even refused to ride on Brno's Germanised bus system, preferring to walk.’
    • ‘Although they remained tied to the traditions of their homeland, the further west they moved into Gaul, the less Germanized they became.’
    • ‘The same system that kept women from voting for too long also kept the would-be totalitarians from completely East Germanizing the country for 50 years.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, Slovenia resisted Germanizing influences and retained its unique Slavic language and culture.’
    • ‘Increasingly German Catholics became accepted into and in turn accepted the notion of an exclusive German nation with a mission to Germanize the Prussian East.’
    • ‘They wanted to Germanize German Poles, not enslave them.’
    • ‘He applauded Clough for ‘not Graecizing or Germanizing his English, as most hexameter writers have to do’ but rather ‘Anglicizing the metre’.’
    • ‘‘I have five languages, and I go to an international school,’ she first announced, in faintly Germanised but perfect English.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, this Germanized version of the game plays quite well, handles six players nicely, and can be finished in as little as an hour.’
    • ‘Lidice's children were sent to families in Germany and elsewhere to be ‘Germanised’.’
    • ‘The Poles who remained behind in the Reich areas came under great pressure to Germanize.’
    • ‘The Germanized army and the palace guard were kept out of the way by Hypatius, who had discovered a momentary coincidence of his own interests with Faustinus's.’