Definition of germ warfare in English:

germ warfare


mass noun
  • The use of disease-spreading microorganisms as a military weapon.

    • ‘They revive past claims of attempts to develop germ warfare weapons, without establishing any link to the current incidents of anthrax.’
    • ‘I want to express my outrage at how a company has taken advantage of the current panic over possible terrorist activities involving germ warfare.’
    • ‘While the first recorded catapulting of plague victims' bodies into a besieged city is by the Mongols, Mayor reveals that the ancients also made use of primitive germ warfare.’
    • ‘Developed for potential germ warfare by the army, it stops transmission of a nerve signal to the muscle.’
    • ‘Kelly was a scientist for the Ministry of Defence, with expertise in weapons and germ warfare.’
    • ‘In spite of these difficulties, an attempt can be made to better understand why Amherst may have instructed Henry Bouquet to engage in germ warfare.’
    • ‘Patrick had not thought about devising an agent of germ warfare since the US programme he ran was scrapped by the Nixon administration in 1969.’
    • ‘The most chilling of these, involving assassination squads and germ warfare, were only fully revealed during the investigations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.’
    • ‘In Miller's articles on germ warfare, truth and lies were mixed together, resulting in a cover-up masquerading as a daring exposé.’
    • ‘Less than half that was spent on public hospitals, clinics and emergency health facilities - the first line of defense against chemical or germ warfare.’
    • ‘On the other hand, while scary, chemical weapons are clearly not a threat to be compared with nuclear weapons or with the possible uncontrollable consequences of germ warfare.’
    • ‘They corresponded on a variety of military matters but discussed nothing of their involvement in germ warfare.’
    • ‘Despite an international ban on germ warfare, the army headquarters ordered its use in China.’
    • ‘Perhaps avian flu is secretly another plot, a form of germ warfare to bring down the western hemisphere, dependent as it is on the existence of birds.’
    • ‘His administration disavowed international pacts on global warming, missile-defense systems, germ warfare and an international criminal court.’
    • ‘As we know, fears of germ warfare have spread worldwide, and an outbreak of anthrax has spread through tainted mail.’
    • ‘Some experts fear it could be used in germ warfare.’
    • ‘While the great powers were spending massive amounts of money on weapons and germ warfare, children were dying of starvation in many lands.’
    • ‘After narrating a 20th century atmosphere filled with germ warfare, radioactive pollution, smog and global warming, hope is about all we have left.’
    • ‘It was during these uncertain times that he forever tarnished his reputation by supposedly resorting to germ warfare.’


germ warfare