Definition of germ-laden in English:



  • Filled with or carrying many germs.

    ‘foul-smelling, germ-laden water’
    • ‘Writers of health advice in the early twentieth century urged people to break down the unhealthy separation of germ-laden indoor air from clean outdoor air.’
    • ‘Sadly, doing the public transport thing meant I was in close proximity to a gazillion germ-laden people sniffling with the lurgy that has been going round.’
    • ‘They'll walk up to you, suddenly grab your shoulders, and pin your arms to your sides (in case you are tempted to touch them back with those germ-laden paws of yours).’
    • ‘One microbiologist concerned about these super-infections has mused that the best thing to happen in major hospitals might be to dump truckloads of germ-laden dirt into the corridors, rather than keep on applying more and more chemicals.’
    • ‘Stale air humidified by your fellow passengers' sweat and breath may give you a flu or sinus infection, but unfortunately germ-laden oxygen isn't all you breathe in as you wing across the sky.’
    • ‘He interacts with hundreds of people a day and handles a lot of germ-laden money.’
    • ‘Money is filthy and germ-laden, and anyone handling food should wash their hands before they eat.’
    • ‘Finally, their name got called, and Mom, Dad, and germ-laden offspring trooped off, presumably to get a peek at the next member of the family.’
    • ‘There's only so much a single worker can do with a mop and pail against a ward full of germ-laden filth.’
    • ‘I complained about nurses going to and from work in their uniforms, then going onto surgical wards, germ-laden and treating patients.’
    contaminating, polluting, pestilential, virulent
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