Definition of germ-free in English:



  • Containing no germs; sterile or clean.

    ‘an enclosed, germ-free environment’
    • ‘I've heard a theory that our mania to be germ-free is compromising some people's immune systems through sheer inactivity.’
    • ‘By the 1890s aseptic surgery - performed in a germ-free surgical area with sterilized equipment - became the norm in American surgery.’
    • ‘When you use a disinfectant, it does keep that surface relatively germ-free for 24 hours.’
    • ‘Just because a pool has chlorinated water does not mean it is germ-free.’
    • ‘It can stay germ-free if you drain the water from the soap dish daily or store bars in slotted dishes for easy drainage.’
    • ‘To make sure your home is clean and virtually germ-free, just spray or wipe and go!’
    • ‘My house is one that people who relish their germ-free personal space - and their sanity - would avoid like the plague.’
    • ‘All eyedrops must be sealed when they are made, in order to keep them germ-free.’
    • ‘Only constant cleaning by me kept our little corner of the ward relatively germ-free.’
    • ‘Funny commercials suggest that if we dutifully swish harsh mouthwashes around and take all that torture like a man, the hard-earned payoff will be a healthier, germ-free mouth.’