Definition of geriatrics in English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular or plural The branch of medicine or social science dealing with the health and care of old people.

    • ‘One researcher describes geriatrics as the ‘reverse side of the coin of pediatrics.’’
    • ‘In 1982 using a survey design similar to ours, researchers found that 16 of 72 U.S. pharmacy schools offered no course work in geriatrics whatsoever.’
    • ‘A physician-scientist with clinical training in geriatrics, Tinetti has studied and published extensively on falls prevention and fall injury risk factors.’
    • ‘Unique resources included faculty with a strong interest in geriatrics and geriatric pharmacy textbooks written by pharmacy faculty.’
    • ‘Staff who are trained and experienced in geriatrics will be not only better equipped to treat older patients but also more sensitive to issues surrounding an older person's dignity and autonomy.’
    • ‘The private hospitals will not want to take over expensive areas like accident and emergency services or unprofitable sectors like geriatrics or mental health.’
    • ‘Earlier experience includes primarily psychiatric nursing in a variety of related areas including geriatrics, acute psychiatry rehabilitation and community mental health.’
    • ‘The number of students who were interested in obtaining specialized training in geriatrics doubled in comparison to their interest prior to the program.’
    • ‘Dr. Johnson said she ‘loves pediatrics, geriatrics, the whole spectrum of family medicine.’’
    • ‘The training grounds in medical schools focus very little on geriatrics and gerontology, and newly graduating doctors come out with what some researchers call ‘healthism’.’
    • ‘All assessments were performed by staff with training in drug safety, including specialists in clinical pharmacology and general medicine, pharmacy, geriatrics, and nursing.’
    • ‘Professor Black suggested that women tended to be drawn to specialist areas such as geriatrics and palliative care and avoided cardiology and gastroenterology where they would be required to work long hours.’
    • ‘In fact, my admiration for him may well have played a role in my later choosing geriatrics as my area of specialisation in medicine.’
    • ‘It will not satisfy readers who want a book that critically appraises the validity of applying evidence based medicine to geriatrics itself.’
    • ‘When I first started working on geriatrics in 1978, very few people even knew what the term meant.’
    • ‘The palliative care consulting team was led by the director of geriatrics.’
    • ‘He has certificates of added qualification in geriatrics and sports medicine.’
    • ‘The department is expanding its research in geriatrics, with a multi-million dollar project focusing on respiratory problems in nursing homes.’
    • ‘She completed a fellowship in geriatrics at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center.’
    • ‘You can search by subdiscipline, such as cardiothoracics or geriatrics, or by type of study, randomized controlled trial, or review.’
    old people, older people, elderly people, elders, senior citizens, pensioners, old-age pensioners, oaps, retired people
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