Definition of geraniol in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A fragrant liquid present in some floral oils and used in perfumery.

    A terpenoid alcohol; chemical formula: C₁₀H₁₈O

    • ‘Flower extract and mandibular gland secretion both contained geraniol, nerol, and E, E-farnesol, indicating that the orchid mimics the bee's secretion.’
    • ‘She tells us that the principal constituents of lavender are alcohols such as borneol, geraniol and linalool; esters such as geranyle and linalyl; and terpents such as pinene and limonene.’
    • ‘An example that Blackmond often uses is the asymmetric hydrogenation of the allylic alcohols geraniol and its isomers (g geraniol and nerol).’
    • ‘These are positively brimming with a wide variety of cancer-fighting supernutrients, such as carnosic acid in rosemary and geraniol in thyme.’
    • ‘Tucker says lemon balm is easy to grow from seeds and contains citronellal, geraniol and geranial.’


Late 19th century: from German, from geranium + -ol.