Definition of geoscience in English:



mass nounalso geosciences
  • Earth sciences, especially geology.

    • ‘Concern was expressed that this needed regional geoscience is lacking over most of Canada, while geological survey activity is being curtailed.’
    • ‘The former chancellor of the University of Massachusetts has set up a fund on that campus for minority students in the geosciences.’
    • ‘‘The perspective of the church is clearly changed since those times,’ said the professor of planetary geoscience at Brown University.’
    • ‘He is a professor in the department of geosciences at the University of Rhode Island.’
    • ‘A regional approach to public geoscience will reflect our geology, and will encourage sharing of expertise among geological surveys, universities, and industry.’
    • ‘His tragic and untimely death cut short a remarkable record of achievement in geology, in public service, and in visionary leadership of Canadian and international geoscience.’
    • ‘‘We had the system working just in time for the largest lava dome collapse ever seen anywhere,’ says the professor of geosciences at Penn State.’
    • ‘Of course, increased funding would allow more supporting geoscience and hence assure broader buy-in from a wider spectrum of disciplines.’
    • ‘Our journals were among the first in the geosciences to be made available electronically, but we should continue to publish in paper for as long as we can.’
    • ‘To catch up, the federal government needs to boost exploration tax incentives and increase its investment in geosciences, which also has been neglected.’
    • ‘It is the most comprehensive database in the geosciences and continues to grow by more than sixty thousand references a year.’
    • ‘He is a professor of marine geoscience at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.’
    • ‘By providing key references for the broader history of science and of Canada, he enables those interested to place the contribution of geoscience into a broader context.’
    • ‘Check out the climate data at weather stations around the world, or bone up on potential careers in geoscience.’
    • ‘‘The geological structure is very fragile after the September 21 earthquake,’ said Liu Tsung-kuei, a professor of geosciences at the National Taiwan University.’
    • ‘Terry is a professor of geosciences at the University of Arizona and also curator of the Department of Geosciences Mineral Museum.’
    • ‘Whether helping to ensure our health, secure our heritage, enhance our wealth, or to augment our security, the geosciences affect all aspects of our lives.’
    • ‘Application areas of expertise and interest include the geosciences, fluid dynamics, medicine, bio-informatics, and human cognitive processes.’
    • ‘A degree in geoscience provides an ideal background for a science journalist.’
    • ‘It also needs to be engaged with and supportive of the geosciences.’