Definition of geopark in English:



  • A UNESCO-designated area containing one or more sites of particular geological importance, intended to conserve the geological heritage and promote public awareness of it, typically through tourism.

    • ‘The Abberley and Malvern Hills geopark was formed in 2003- the 17th to be created - and covers an area of 480 square miles.’
    • ‘Everyone realised it is a very unique place, so we made an application to the European Union and were officially acknowledged as a geopark.’
    • ‘Bonmahon is part of the Copper Coast European geopark.’
    • ‘A geopark is an area recognised for its outstanding geology and landscape.’
    • ‘Steffeln is a very small village, population 500, in the European geopark Vukaneifel, Germany.’
    • ‘Their aim is to develop the geopark as a strong contributor for the sustainable development of the Swabian Alb.’
    • ‘There was nothing much there at the moment, but construction work seems to suggest that one day it'll be an ecopark or geopark or something like that.’
    • ‘The geopark turns attention to the close connection between geological heritage and human society.’