Definition of geometrical isomer in English:

geometrical isomer

(also geometric isomer)


  • Each of two or more compounds which differ from each other in the arrangement of groups with respect to a double bond, ring, or other rigid structure.

    • ‘It is now widely recognized that onjugated linoleic acid is not a single chemical entity but a mixture of positional and geometric isomers.’
    • ‘The naming of geometrical isomers reflects the position of the atoms or groups on each of the carbon atoms in the double bond.’
    • ‘The enthalpy difference between the two geometrical isomers in the free enzyme appears to be higher than in the substrate-bound enzyme and in the low molecular weight model.’
    • ‘He used the theory to predict the existence of geometric isomers, two forms of a compound that differ from each other only in the position of a single atom, ion, or group of atoms.’
    • ‘CLA is a mixture of positional and geometric isomers of linoleic acid and has been reported to inhibit various chemical-induced cancers in rodent models.’