Definition of geometric mean in English:

geometric mean


  • The central number in a geometric progression (e.g. 9 in 3, 9, 27), also calculable as the nth root of a product of n numbers.

    • ‘It is easy to see that the medial and the binomial are closely related to the geometric mean and the arithmetic mean respectively.’
    • ‘As the magnitude of fluctuation increases, the geometric mean becomes smaller relative to the arithmetic mean, so that fitnesses decrease with increasing magnitude of fluctuations.’
    • ‘In addition, presenting arithmetic means while comparing geometric means statistically can only encourage misinterpretation.’
    • ‘The geometric means of the zone sizes obtained by disc diffusion for all the antimicrobials were reflective of the susceptibility pattern of the study isolates.’
    • ‘The effects of the legislation were summarised as relative rates and ratios of geometric means, with 95% confidence intervals.’


geometric mean