Definition of geometer in English:



  • 1A person skilled in geometry.

    • ‘He was one of the most penetrating geometers of our age: his discoveries in geometry place him in the first rank among the successors of Chasles and Poncelet.’
    • ‘The issue of how to help students get started learning algebraic geometry is a question that almost every practicing algebraic geometer would answer differently.’
    • ‘He formed his own group of young geometers and together they wrote teaching texts, as well as the 4 volumes of a differential geometry text, later translated in German and French.’
    • ‘Our greatest debt to Lefschetz lies in the fact that he showed us that a study of topology was essential for all algebraic geometers.’
    • ‘Halley suggested to him that he might devote his considerable talents to the restoration of the work of the early Greek geometers, such as Euclid and Apollonius of Perga.’
  • 2Entomology
    A geometrid moth or its caterpillar.

    • ‘Little is known of the life history of the larvae of geometer moths.’
    • ‘Most of the geometer moths captured were in floral lure traps, while both species of Plusiinae were trapped exclusively in floral lure traps.’
    • ‘The larva of geometer moths, the familiar inchworms, feed on mulberry leaves.’
    • ‘The body of geometer moths is thin and more fragile looking than in other macromoths.’


Late Middle English: from late Latin geometra, based on Greek geōmetrēs, from gē ‘earth’ + metrēs ‘measurer’.