Definition of geographically in English:



  • In terms of the geography or physical features of an area.

    ‘the city has always felt geographically isolated from the rest of Canada’
    • ‘The island itself is nearly equally divided geographically.’
    • ‘Researchers are using a geographic information system to track the fly establishment with geographically referenced coordinates.’
    • ‘Job roles that were previously handled internally are now organizationally and geographically separate from the company.’
    • ‘This has been divided into four main phases, neither chronologically nor geographically exclusive.’
    • ‘Socialization no longer takes place in one's neighborhood, and identity building is no longer geographically determined.’
    • ‘The association provided a forum for its geographically dispersed membership to discuss a cooperative.’
    • ‘Each section of the exhibition will be organized geographically to show how the movement developed in each region.’
    • ‘His books are thematized geographically, either by state, by city, by river, or by road.’
    • ‘In such a system, the feedlots would be placed where they made the most sense geographically.’
    • ‘This questions the validity of using culturally or geographically specific terms to define bodies of work.’