Definition of geofence in English:



  • A virtual geographic boundary, defined by GPS or RFID technology, that enables software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area.

    ‘they could put up a geofence around the building, meaning your phone disables itself when you enter it’
    • ‘In truth, companies already have swaths of customer data, know your buying habits and preferences, and have a pretty good handle on where you are, especially when you trip a geofence.’
    • ‘If they step outside of a pre-determined geofence during a pre-determined time, the person monitoring gets an alert.’
    • ‘We put a geo-fence around each location the food truck goes to.’
    • ‘The device works with your location-aware phone to set up a geofence: It registers when you cross out of a 100-yard radius of your lock, and then when you come back into that circle.’
    • ‘With the app, managers can track the location of vehicles, receive geo-fence and curfew alerts, analyze vehicle status, and view historical positions.’
    • ‘The company told us that an invisible geofence could be built that would react differently when the smartwatch is within its boundaries.’
    • ‘These smart trackers can be used in conjunction with a geofence so that when a package arrives at the hospital, the staff can take action immediately.’
    • ‘An app on my iPhone allowed me to track him, as well as send me a message if he has exceeded the geo-fence the app creates.’
    • ‘By detecting your proximity to the car based on the geofence, your iPhone can then perform a variety of tasks, such as opening the door, starting the ignition or popping open the trunk.’
    • ‘A geofence can be set up which means that if the child enters a certain restricted area, Mom and Dad will receive an alert.’


[with object]
  • Create a virtual geographic boundary around (an area) by means of GPS or RFID technology, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves the area.

    ‘the company has now geofenced the locations of 180,000 US schools’
    ‘when you leave that geofenced area, the apps are again enabled’
    • ‘Our aim is to cut the crime rate by 50 % in a geo-fenced area, which would increase housing values and safety while lowering insurance costs.’
    • ‘One advertiser wanted to geofence their competitor, to send an offer before a shopper walked into that store.’
    • ‘The parents can also create "safe zones," geofenced areas where you'll receive a text message when the child enters or leave the region.’
    • ‘So if my daughter were dating someone I really don't like, I could geofence this person's house and get a text if she was parked out front.’
    • ‘It's possible to geofence your competition, mapping your top competitors' physical locations and pushing time-limited coupons or other offers to your mobile app users.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, these apps can report when teen drivers leave a specific geofenced area.’
    • ‘The company geofenced the area around jewelry stores that are close to their flower stores.’
    • ‘Users can geofence their home, check in on a live video and audio feed, monitor ambient conditions, view trends and stats, set up alerts for "irregularities" at home, and control other smart devices.’