Definition of geochronometric in English:



  • Relating to geochronological measurement.

    • ‘The geochronometric data obtained in this investigation elucidate distinct metamorphic and exhumation histories of two Variscan basement units separated by a mere c.50 km.’
    • ‘Because of the young age of metamorphism and the low radiogenic Pb content of the titanite, precise geochronometric information was not obtained.’
    • ‘The overall metamorphic and geochronometric characteristics of the Sudetes suggest that exhumation was dominated by rapid vertical ascent.’
    • ‘In this paper we present the petrographie, mineral, geochemical, isotopic and geochronometric data for, and interpretations of, the Cavalli Seamount high-grade schists, and micropalaeontological data from associated limestones.’
    • ‘Additional geochronometric analyses for the complex have yielded evidence for a significant Variscan thermal event at c.345-330 Ma.’