Definition of geochemistry in English:



mass noun
  • The study of the chemical composition of the earth and its rocks and minerals.

    • ‘The petrology and geochemistry of these volcanic rocks show that they form an essentially bimodal association of basalt and subalkaline rhyolite, with less common intermediate compositions.’
    • ‘The field-based studies were supplemented by thin-section petrography and whole-rock geochemistry to characterize different intrusive phases.’
    • ‘The rock's geochemistry and mineralogy also strongly suggest to astronomers that it was heated substantially early on in its existence and that liquid water has coursed through its veins.’
    • ‘The paper on asbestos by Gibbons illustrates the breadth of studies in environmental geochemistry, and highlights the multi-disciplinary approach required, including in this case an understanding of political and social issues.’
    • ‘The major and trace element geochemistry of these rocks is consistent with a rift setting, as is their association with a lithostratigraphic protolith package of carbonates, shales and greywackes.’