Definition of Gentleman's Relish in English:

Gentleman's Relish


mass nounBritish
  • A highly seasoned anchovy paste.

    • ‘It has the distinction of being the only store in the country to stock Gentleman's Relish, an anchovy pâté, with a word-of-mouth recipe dating back to 1828.’
    • ‘Like Gentleman's Relish, it should be savoured in small, concentrated doses.’
    • ‘I have to take a gulp of air before I can taste it - and it's not bad, salty-sweet and anchovy-like, a super-strength Gentleman's Relish.’
    • ‘Most people's palates are dulled by 3 a.m., so I always keep some Gentleman's Relish in the fridge.’
    • ‘Thompson says the supplier of Gentleman's Relish recently remarked that it is becoming too pricey, as Thrupps is the only retailer in the country to buy it.’